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The Westoe Practice, 1A Elizabeth Street, South Shields, NE33 4PJ


I have over 12 years experience as a GP in South Tyneside and as an approved examiner for Offshore Energies UK OEUK (formerly OGUK / UKOOA) and previously, the Norwegian Board of Health also. I am therefore certified to perform medicals as required for the UK and North Sea Offshore Oil & Gas industry as well as for work in other areas where this certification is required.


A reciprocal arrangement (Hardanger agreement) is in place that allows Oil And Energy UK medicals to be accepted for work in Norway, Holland and vice versa. As of 2014 onwards, Norwegian Offshore Medicals will in effect only be issued by Norwegian doctors. The mutual recognition does NOT extend to the additional medicals for those involved in Emergency Response Duties.


RenewableUK have introduced their own medical and standards of fitness. This recommends the inclusion of an Exercise Response Test ( Chester Step Test ) for physically demanding roles such as Wind Turbine Technicians. 


As of 1st April 2015, Step Change in Safety, in conjunction with the CAA, have introduced the need for helicopter passengers travelling to and from offshore installations in the North Sea to have their shoulder width measured by appropriately trained individuals. Those who's width is 22" or greater will be classed as Extra Broad (XBR) and required to sit next to an appropriately sized window.

New as of 26th March 2018, for those undertaking the Emergency Breathing Systems (EBS) training as part of BOSIET, you will need to undertake a Fitness To Train FTT assessment. This is to identify those with respiratory problems, cardiac or Ear Nose and Throat ENT conditions that may contraindicate in-water training.

Absolute contraindications to EBS training are for those with the following conditions:

Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Cystic Fibrosis

Patients with Asthma and COPD will need to undergo Spirometry and pass a minimum standard 

Referral for a hospital specialist opinion may be required for the following individuals:

- Asthma and COPD patients who fail the minimum standard of spirometry

- Any other lung or heart conditions that affects the ability to exercise 

- ENT conditions where they have been advised to avoid immersion / diving.

Fees                                                                                        * prices correct up to 31.12.2022

                                                                                                  Subject to change thereafter


Offshore Energies UK                                                              £150 *

( OEUK Medical / OGUK Medical )

RenewableUK Medical                                                             £200 *

( RUK Medical / Wind Turbine Medical )                                 

(includes Chester Step Exercise Response Test) 

Offshore Energies UK + RenewableUK Medical                      £210 *

Danish Maritime Medical                                                          £130 *

Offshore Energies UK + Danish Maritime Medical                   £180 *

Shoulder width measurement   (with medical)                          £50 *

(Bideltoid / shoulder breadth) 

Shoulder width measurement   (without medical)                     £60 *

(Bideltoid / shoulder breadth) 

OEUK / OGUK + Fitness to Train                                             £200 *

Fitness To Train for EBS (with medical)                                    £50 *

Fitness To Train for EBS (without medical)                               £60 *

Food Handlers (with medical)                                                    £70 *

Food Handlers (without medical)                                               £80 *

Marshall Islands Medical                                                           £200 *

Liberian Medical                                                                        £200 *

Company Specific Medical                                                        £POA 


Emergency Response Team Exercise Response Test               £110 *

Exercise Response Test - Chester Step Test (with medical)      £80 *

Exercise Response Test (without  medical)                                £100 *

10 Point Urine Drug + Alcohol Screen (with medical)                 £100 *

10 Point Urine Drug + Alcohol Screen (without medical)            £120 *

* Saturday rate (additional to total booking                                 £10 

The Examination

The OEUK / OGUK assessments last approximately 30 minutes and involves examination of the main systems of the body, including Blood Pressure, BMI and Audiometry (hearing test). Depending on the type of medical and guidelines at the time, may also include lung function test (Spirometry or Peak Flow) and a Urine test to screen for diabetes or the presence of blood or protein

For the shoulder width measurement you will need to wear a sleeveless top or remove your upper garments. A chaperone can be made available if requested.

If you have any medical conditions, had surgery or take medication, please ensure you advise me in advance of the appointment so that there are no delays in obtaining additional information that may be required before a certificate can be issued?

The  additional tests listed are undertaken if specifically requested by the employer and only with the consent of the applicant.

 You will need to provide the following:

  • Complete a health questionnaire and signed declaration (provided before the examination)
  • Photo I.D. (originals only) such as a passport or drivers licence.

If the medical is paid for by your employer / agency, the certificate remains their property and will only be issued to you with their express permission

Any price savings when medicals are taken together will only apply if booked and undertaken at the same time. The savings will not apply if booked and undertaken separately. 


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